About Keep Hamilton Warm

In Hamilton, there are a number of people out on the streets with no place to go, people that have to choose between paying their rent or paying for food and clothing. Families often don’t have money to purchase warm winter clothing for their children or themselves.

At Keep Hamilton Warm, we collect warm winter clothing so those on the streets can stay a little warmer in the cold weather, for those in shelters with very little clothing and for the kids that go to school in hoodies and runners because their parents can’t afford to buy warmer clothing.

Keep Hamilton Warm is not a registered charity or a registered business. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot accept cash donations. We collect clothing donations that are new, made or gently used but clean with no tears or stains. The donations do not go to a thrift store. We make sure they go to the end user through various organizations.

A small act of kindness creates an endless ripple. Will you create a ripple today ?

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Distributions To Date

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Keep Hamilton Warm collects men’s clothing, footwear, hats, mitts, scarves, blankets and sleeping bags for those on the streets. These clothes and accessories are distributed through the Salvation Army Soup Truck.

Women’s clothing, footwear, hats, mitts and scarves are distributed through Parkview Church - Compassion Ministries, the Good Shepherd Venture Centre and the Good Shepherd Women’s and Family Shelters.

Kids winter coats, snow pants, sweaters, sweat shirts, sweat pants, footwear, mitts and scarves are given to Lake Avenue School in Stoney Creek and Elizabeth Bagshaw School in Hamilton as needed. Other kids clothing are distributed through the Good Shepherd Family Shelter and Venture Centre as well as Parkview Church - Compassion Ministries.

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Salvation Army

Between September 2013 and August 2014 the Salvation Army fed 75,810 people. That’s an average of 208 people a day, seven days a week. To accomplish this, volunteers made over 160 thousand sandwiches and distributed over 2 thousand gallons of soup.

As of October 1, 2014 they have given out 51 sleeping bags, 26 blankets, over 100 pairs of gloves, hats and socks plus scarves, pants, shirts and shoes.

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I hope these few examples help you appreciate the positive results that are happening because of your generous initiative.

1) CHCH recently did a newscast on "Cold Alerts" which featured amongst other things some shots and narrative about the Soup Van. They commented positively on the distribution of hats, gloves and scarves to people on the street from our blue bin. All of the items in that bin that were being distributed came from your initiative.

2) In the past week our drivers have given away to people in need on the street 13 sweaters/warm shirts, 15 coats 13 pairs of socks, 19 pairs of gloves, 10 hats, 8 scarves, 11 blankets and 2 sleeping bags. All of this except for the sleeping bags came from your initiative.

3) On January 6th we gave women in need from our Food Bank and the Soup Van the opportunity to come and pick a coat and a pair of boots from the donations we received through your initiative and we gave away 28 coats and 20 pairs of boots.

4) During the recent cold alert we gave 8 coats to men who arrived at the Booth Centre who did not have a coat. We also gave out 17 pairs of gloves and 16 hats. All of these donations came through your initiative.

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Lake Avenue School

Keep Hamilton Warm has been a continuous support throughout the school year to Lake Avenue students. Due to our high immigrant catchment area, we have many families and students who are ill equipped for extreme Canadian winters. Many of our families cannot afford to purchase all the necessary items to deal with the cold. Also as the school territory is quite transient, this need is ongoing.

Without community partners such as Keep Hamilton Warm we would struggle to meet the needs of our families. Jennifer has been constant, supportive and caring in keeping up with our needs. Many students have been kept cozy and warm with their donations of jackets, hats and mittens.

We Thank

Jennifer and Keep Hamilton Warm for all of their kind and generous donations to our school!

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Bennetto Community Centre, Dalewood Recreation Centre and Parkview Church are drop off centres.

Bennetto operating hours: Monday and Wednesday 9:45am- 8:45pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:45am-8:00pm Saturday 9:15am-4pm Sunday Closed.

Dalewood operating hours: Monday to Thursday 11:45am-9:30pm Friday 11:45am-8:00pm Saturday 9:00am-7:00pm Sunday closed.

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I love the fact that we can provide, warm, clean clothing, coats, boots etc. for free to those in need. I would rather give my clothing to this organization than Value Village where people have to pay and pay too much! Also the transportation for those in need is also hard as most don’t drive or cannot afford bus tickets, or know the area.

At least this way it is right there for them to pick up at no cost… I love this program and how it works and also I know my co- workers are very happy to donate and they know if they bring something to me I will deliver to you. I think it is a great system.

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Keep Hamilton Warm – League Of Charitable Knitters

The League of Charitable Knitters is a dedicated group of knitters whose collective goal is to teach the art of knitting and crochet free of charge; for her students to become teachers of the craft and disseminate the completed works to those in need in the City of Hamilton and surrounding areas. We donate our completed works to: Schools, Shelters, Hospices and Non Profit Daycares to ensure that all our citizens are kept warm.

The League Welcomes

New knitters as well as donations of wool and knitting accessories.

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